We’re thrilled to announce that D’Frantz Smart, Evelyn Murcia, Nic Villaseñor, Grace Anderson, and Tez de la Tierra have received the SJ Brooks Scholarship.


We have been profoundly moved by the degree and scale of work being done by WTFs every day to support, celebrate, and connect with one another. For this year’s SJ Brooks Scholarship, we read stories from 96 applicants who build themselves and their community using the bicycle as a vehicle for personal and political evolution. Thank you to all those who applied and shared parts of themselves with honesty, vulnerability, and badassery. You are the ones building this Movement. We see you. We appreciate you. We love you.

In memory of SJ Brooks, join us in celebrating this year’s recipients by looking boldly into the future with the optimism that comes from the shared joy of the bicycle.


IG: dfrantzsmart, 2wheelgods, theblkbikepanel

I am a Black queer community organizer committed to the liberation of all Black people. Through cycling, I am working to transform the physical and mental health, economy, and local environment of our communities as a way to build a society where we can all thrive. I am the founding organizer of the BLK Bike Panel & Summit, a space for black cyclists to connect and discuss collective efforts to get more black people riding. As a lead organizer for 2WheelGods, a collective of cyclists in Chicago creating POC centered rides and building a cyclable community, I ride to liberate and heal myself and my community.


IG: @ebebi7302

Hi I’m Evelyn! I’ve loved biking since I was about 3 years old drooling over my sisters sparkly purple tricycle she’d never let me ride. I really got into cycling when I joined a nonprofit youth program and earned my first bike there. I started using my bike to commute to school and work as well as going on bike camping trips with friends and some racing too. Living in in a place where I have access to trails and campsites has been truly a blessing. As a bike mechanic, working in bicycle outreach, and as a mother I’m eager to learn more on how to get more WTF’s out riding and meet some rad riders!!


IG: @trailcatnic, @nomoredeaths_nomasmuertes

Hey there my names Nic, I’m a 22 year old 1st generation trail cat Xicanx, I’m currently livin’ an diggin’ trail in Juneau Alaska, the beautiful Tlingít peoples land. I like to spend my winter and spring time mountain biking through the Sonoran Desert and volunteering with my amazing @nomoredeaths community. I started learning bicycle mechanics this spring after the government shutdown lead me to resign from my Arizona trail job, Tucson’s bike community was so supportive and I have a feeling that its part of a bigger shift, some kind of “healing through bicycles” sort of theme and I’m soo totally about it! Thanks for letting me be a part of this summit, I’m beyond stoked. See y’all in August


IG: @amaze_me_grace

Grace is an Oakland based activist who is committed to creating/supporting intentional and responsive spaces for POC, especially Black folks, to recreate.
Grace is the director of PGM ONE, an organization that convenes Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) who work in the environmental and outdoor movement to share, learn, collaborate, heal, celebrate, build community, find support, and sharpen their analysis of racial equity in their fields.She’s looking forward to combining her love of climbing and biking by bikepacking to some climbing objectives in the Winds River and Sierra Mountains and will be looking for adventure buddies at the summit this year!


IG: @tez_cito

Tez was born and raised in East Los Califas occupied Tongva land. Staying curious about
what it means to be a first generation mestizo with roots from Jalisco and Raramuri. They live in a intentional QTBIPOC co-op in East Oakland Huichin Ohlone land, continuing their LOVE for urban farming, bicycle education/organizing/wrenching, danza mexica, cumbiatons, and eating bomb food w/ cutie ponx.


The WTF Bikexplorers scholarships are named after SJ Brooks. SJ was the founder of the Seattle chapter of Friends on Bikes, a cycling group that fosters a community for women, trans, femme and non-binary people of color who love riding bikes. SJ was scheduled to speak about Friends on Bikes and be a part of the queer people of color panel at the 2018 WTF Bikexplorers Summit. On May 19th, SJ was fatally attacked while biking outside of Seattle. SJ’s death is a huge loss to the cycling community. They were a positive light who worked tirelessly to create change.


The WTF Bikexplorers 2019 scholarships are funded by the community through the SJ Brooks Foundation.

Product donations are made possible by the generous support of people who work at companies that believe in and support the WTF Bikexplorers’ mission.

Our heartfelt thanks to Specialized Bicycles, Revelate Designs, SimWorks, Big Agnes, Sea To Summit, Ortlieb USA, Bedrock Sandals, Ride with GPS, and the WTF Bikexplorers Community.