This is a working resource page for the WTF BX community and allies. Our aim is to co-create a resource that is of, by, and for our community. If you see something missing or have a resource you would like to add, send us a note at

We also have an active Facebook group that we encourage you to join if you have any questions related to exploring by bike or want to connect with fellow WTF Bikexplorers, join our WTF Facebook group here


Bikepacking Essentials List
Essential bikepacking pack list for your next trip. Illustration by Sam Scipio and list created by Sarah Swallow.

Super Stoke Spotify Playlist
A collaborative music playlist for stoking the stoke.

FTWN-B Cycling Films Playlist
Watch these cycling films to get inspired to ride and to #shredthepatriarchy.


#BlackTransLivesMatter Actions & Resources for Solidarity
This resource document was a collaborative effort between people who stand in solidarity with Black trans women and wanted to make a difference, and some of the foremost Black trans leaders in community and culture.

Shareable Anti-racism Resource Guide
This anti-racist resource guide was crafted amidst the anger of the latest black body turned hashtag #AhmaudArbery. It is consistently being updated to address the current climate of our country and the personal growth needed to sustain this life-long journey.

Anti-racism Resources
A resource for white people and parents to deepen anti-racism work.

Anti-racism for Beginners
A resource list that is a starting point so that you can remove your fears and educate yourself about anti-racism. 


Grease Rag’s explanation of what WTF and FTW mean.

How to be an Ally
An open source starter guide to help you become a more thoughtful and effective ally.

Dismantle Collective Resources
White supremacy and racism are serious problems in our society that affect us all. In addition to providing a space for conversation, The Dismantle Collective desires to be a starting point for white allies to do the work and engage in analysis, education, and action on anti-racism. 

The Anti-Oppression Network
The Anti-Oppression Network is a coalition of individuals, grassroots groups, and community organizations dedicated to grounding our work towards liberation in the principles of decolonization, anti-oppression and intersectionality.

Allyship Starter Pack
Resources and tools regarding racism and anti-blackness, and how to be a better ally.


Brown Bike Girl
Bicycling advocacy consultant, Courtney Williams, The Brown Bike Girl partners with local government, non-profits and institutions to increase bicycling access and adoption within communities of color, and bicycling education for all.

A blog about racial equity and its nemesis Fakequity. Some of the posts may veer off towards equity’s siblings and cousins diversity, inclusion, culture, community engagement, accountability, etc. They are all related and we need to understand and think about a lot of different things in order to get towards equity.

In Solidarity Project
Passionate about building a better, stronger, more diverse outdoor industry. In Solidarity works closely with industry partners to sign The Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge and to facilitate and lead DEI-focused consulting projects and speaking engagements.


Bikepacking Roots

The Black Foxes
(Cycling and outdoors collective, all over North America)

Black Girls Do Bike
(Cycling group, all over North America)

Friends on Bikes
(Cycling group, Portland, Toronto)

Greaser Rag Bikes/For Us by Us
(Cycling group, Minneapolis)

Path Less Pedaled Talks

Pretty Damned Fast

Index of Worldwide Community Bicycling Organizations
(Co-Ops, Bike Kitchens, etc)

The Adventure Syndicate
(Ultra-Endurance Race Team)

The Radavist


All Mountain Brothers
B•I•P•O•C mountain biking and exploring the world.

Cyclista Zine
BIPOC-WTFNB bike zine. The intersectional feminist radical response to the cycling industry.

Decolonize Bikes!
Celebrating the cross-section of cyclists of color, access to the outdoors, and the movement to decolonize the land. Based in Huichin (Oakland, CA)

Melanin Base Camp
People of Color in the outdoors. Creator of #diversifyoutdoors

Pedal 2 the People
Collective of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color moving their lives forward, 2 wheels at a time.


Diversify Outdoors

Latino Outdoors
(Based in Oakland, Multiple Locations)

Natives Outdoors

Outdoor Afro
(Based in Oakland, Multiple Locations)

People for Mobility Justice
(Los Angeles)


(Los Angeles)

Unlikely Hikers

Venture Out Project
(Multiple Locations)