These ten guiding principles are designed to help facilitate safer spaces for learning and exploration with care, respect, and intention.

Trust Intent, Acknowledge Impact:
We have to trust each other to work together, but we may hurt each other along the way. Listen when you have harmed.

Respect Indigenous Stewardship of Land:
We ride on stolen land. Learn whose land you are on.

Practice Consent:
Ask for consent before touching people or their bikes, when giving advice, and taking photos

Honor Language an Individual Chooses for Themselves:
No policing of identities.

Don’t Assume, Let People Share, Or Ask When Appropriate:
Do not make assumptions about gender, race, ability, skill level, or knowledge.

Avoid Harmful Language:
Avoid ableist, ageist, racist and gendered language. As a group, we are bikexplorers, WTF’s, and FTW’s; individuals in this space may identify otherwise.

Do Not Shame:
We come here from a wide variety of experience levels, financial access, and opportunities. No call-outs.

Work Towards Collective Understanding:
No body or mind can be left behind – only moving together can we accomplish what we require.

Recognize Wholeness:
People have inherent worth outside of productivity. As a result, we acknowledge the necessity for rest and self-love.

Make Space and Step Back:
Make intentional space for people of color, indigenous and trans people.

The WTF Guiding Principles were created with consultation and guidance from Mary Ann Thomas and Izzy Sederbaum.

We are grateful to Sins Invalid: