WTF Bikexplorers was founded in the fall of 2017 when six friends were inspired to collaborate on a movement toward more connection, gender inclusivity, and racial equality within the bicycle adventure community. Our collective mission is to support, celebrate, and connect communities who identify as women, transgender, femme, and/or non-binary who use their bicycles to explore (be it the outdoors, themselves, each other, etc.)

From 2018 to 2019 we did this by organizing two annual three-day national summits that brought together 400 voices from across the globe to share skills, cross pollinate ideas, and connect with one another over rides, clinics, storytelling, and campfires. Prior to the summit we organized campaigns to connect our community and fuel the stoke for this movement through the SJ Brooks Scholarship, Grassroots Ride Series, and WTF Bikexplorers Swag.

In 2020, WTF Bikexplorers will be heading in a new direction. Instead of holding the annual summit we will be applying our energy to reaching more people and gaining more exposure for the movement through the following programs.


Get Rad, Be Radical will be the world’s only large scale print publication by and for women, transgender, femme and non-binary adventure cyclists. The publication will strive to change the way WTF cyclists are depicted and presented in the bicycle adventure community by creating a platform where people can see and experience what it means to be a WTF person who shreds. The goal of Get Rad, Be Radical is to provide tangible resources that inspire action, and to celebrate the evolution of the bicycle adventure community. The publication will be a collection of how-to and route guides, stories, photos, and illustrations focused on themes discussed at the two previous WTF Bikexplorers Summits.

Get Rad, Be Radical will launch in Spring 2020.


The WTF Bikexplorers Gravel Race Team and Club will support, celebrate and connect our growing community. Team members will challenge themselves to increase representation, to advocate for more gender and racial inclusivity and equality, to be stewards of the WTF Bikexplorers Guiding Principles, and to inspire more women, transgender, femme and/or non-binary cyclists to hold space at gravel race events.

See the Gravel Program


Within and Without will be a new Podcast series sharing stories, interviews, and event highlights by and for the WTF Bikexplorers community. Wish you could have heard some of the presentations from the 2019 summit? We have good news! Whitney spent most of their time at the summit recording individual sessions to make them available through a podcast format.

Within and Without will launch in the new year 2020.


The Grassroots Ride Series will continue the movement toward connecting WTF Bikexploring communities at a regional and local level. Through our website, interactive map, and social media the WTF Bikexplorers community will share their locally organized rides and events to a global WTF Bikeplorers audience.

Ride Series submissions will be accepted throughout 2020.

See the Grassroots Ride Series


The SJ Brooks Scholarship will continue to make the cycling community as diverse as the world we live in by decreasing the barriers of getting started through gear and monetary support. The scholarship will offer five opportunities for women, transgender, femme and non-binary individuals looking to get out on their first big adventure, gravel race, and/or to organize a WTF Bikexplorers event/ride in their local community.

The SJ Brooks scholarship program will occur during the Spring of 2020.

See Past Recipients


The WTF Bikexplorers swag will continue to fuel the stoke for this movement. On our online store we will stock our popular classics, create new products and collaborate with WTF artists to provide the freshest swag out there. All proceeds from our product sales will go toward our WTF programs.

Products will be available throughout 2020.


We are beyond stoked for 2020 and hope you all join us for the ride. If our mission is the future you also want to see realized, we invite you to please consider making a donation or get your business involved. The WTF Bikexplorers are grateful for whatever level of support you can offer – no donation is too small to make a difference!