We received 200 applications, and the reality is that there were more qualified applicants than we had scholarships to give. Thank you to all who applied and shared parts of yourselves with honesty, vulnerability, and badassery.

Through selecting these sixteen individuals the SJ Brooks Scholarship Committee and WTF BX team sought to honor diversity in race, gender, and class within the cycling community. We believe that these recipients embody cyclists who use the bicycle as a powerful tool for liberation, transformation, community, and mental health.

In memory of SJ Brooks, join us in celebrating this year’s recipients!



Thank you to the cycling community and industry for showing up and raising $20k for the scholarships. Your financial donation will allow recipients to get up to $2k for their spirited endeavor and have helped support a committee to oversee the application process. We also received cycling and camping gear packages valued at $3k each and bikes for 9 recipients. These combined contributions will allow WTF BX to offer up to 18 scholarships specifically for BIPOC FTWN-B cyclists!

Gracias a la comunidad y la industria ciclista por hacerse presente y juntar $20 mil dólares para las becas. Su donación permitirá a lxs beneficiarixs recibir hasta $2 mil dólares para su sueño ciclista y ha ayudado a sostener un comité que se encargará del proceso de aplicación. También recibimos paquetes de equipo de ciclismo y de acampar con valor de $3 mil dólares cada uno y bicicletas para 9 beneficiarixs. ¡Estas contribuciones combinadas permitirán a WTF BX ofrecer hasta 18 becas enfocadas en ciclistas BIPOC FTWN-B!



We’re stoked on the 2020 SJ Brooks Scholarship Committee’s expertise and guidance for this year’s scholarship!

Olivia Williams, Río Oxas, Katelyn Rivas, and Danielle Lundgren will be co-creating the application, reviewing submissions, and selecting the candidates for the SJ Brooks Scholarship. We’re also grateful to have a few former scholarship recipients on the committee to pay it forward to the next generation of recipients.

Thank you, Karla Robles and Daniel Zaid for the Spanish translation of the application.


Who is eligible to apply to the SJ Brooks Scholarship?

This scholarship application is only open to self-identifying BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, person of color) FTWN-B (femme, transgender, woman, non-binary, intersex, genderqueer) cyclists. All skill levels, abilities, and body sizes are encouraged to apply.

If you are a white person who identifies as FTWN-B (femme, transgender, woman, non-binary, intersex, genderqueer), please share this application with your BIPOC community.

Cisgender men are not eligible for this scholarship but are encouraged to share this application with their networks.

When does the scholarship application period open?

Scholarship applications will be accepted from Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020, to Thursday, Aug. 27, 2020. There will be an announcement in our newsletter and on social media about how to apply on our website.

Is the scholarship open to folks who live outside of the United States?

Financial scholarships are available to folks who live outside of the U.S. If you are chosen to receive one of these scholarships you will be paid via Paypal in the equivalent of US dollars of your scholarship amount minus the exchange rate fee.

Gear and bicycle scholarships are only available to folks who live within the U.S.

What does the scholarship review process look like?

The WTF Bikexplorers organizers and a scholarship committee, which includes previous scholarship recipients, will review the applications and will conduct a telephone/video interview if necessary with the final candidates no later than Monday, September 21, 2020. We will announce the scholarship recipients the week of September 21.

How will the funds, gear, and bikes be distributed amongst scholarship recipients?

Funds, gear, and bicycles will be distributed amongst recipients based on individual needs indicated on the application.

$18,000 will be distributed amongst 9-18 qualifying applicants in payments of $1,000 to $2,000 per recipient.

Nine recipients will be offered a complete cycling and camping gear package valued at $3,000 from: Bedrock Sandals, Blackburn Designs, Chrome Industries, Cnoc Outdoors, Evo, Fernweh Food, Fix That Bike, BikeTiresDirect, Ombraz Sunglasses, Revelate Designs, Topo Designs, Velocio Apparel, MSR Gear and WTF BX. They will also receive membership with Ride with GPS and Gaia GPS

Nine recipients will be offered a bicycle valued between $2,000 – $4,000 from Specialized Bicycles, Kona Bikes, Surly Bikes, and Bosch eBike Systems.

Is the scholarship application available in any other languages?

The scholarship application is also available in Spanish.

Are there any alternatives to written submissions for the scholarship application?

Yes, If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the application you can upload 1-2 minute video or audio files to respond to the long-answer questions in the application.

With the pandemic, how can the scholarship be safely put to use?

We realize that traveling by bicycle is limited at this time due to the pandemic, so we are emphasizing the use of this support for local trips or for it to be used to support an endeavor in the future.

How can my business/company support the SJ Brooks Scholarship?

The SJ Brooks Scholarship is an annual program of WTF BX. If your company would like to donate funds and/or gear, contact wtfbikexplorers@gmail.com.

Why are the scholarships named SJ Brooks?

SJ was an experienced cyclist in the community. A community organizer, beloved by many, SJ was the founder of the Seattle chapter of Friends on Bikes, a social cycling group for BIPOC who identify as women, trans, femme, or non-binary. SJ was scheduled to speak about Friends on Bikes as part of the queer people of color panel at the 2018 WTF Bikexplorers Summit in August. On May 19, 2018, SJ was fatally attacked by a cougar while biking just outside Seattle. SJ’s death was a massive loss to the cycling community. They were a positive light who worked tirelessly to create change. By naming the scholarships after SJ, we hope to honor and pass on their legacy to future bikexplorers.