Don’t believe the hashtag, outside isn’t free.

There are a lot hidden costs associated with going on a bike trip. In addition to travel and accommodation expenses there are other financial barriers to consider like child care, time off work, and a whole host of others. Thats where you come in. Your donation will go to support individual scholarships for summit attendees ​who might not otherwise be able to make the trip.

Maybe you can’t make the summit, but would like to help support someone else to make the trip.

Maybe you are an ally looking for an opportunity to show your support.

Maybe you just want to see more WTF Bikexplorers out there and you’re feeling generous!

Whatever your reason for donating, thank you.



At Swift, our work’s cornerstone is the firm belief that bicycles empower. In a world full of marvel, awe, and beauty, we believe that bicycles have the power to connect us to people, places and ourselves in profound ways.

That’s why we sew bags–no joke!

We also believe that no person should be hindered from tapping into that potential, and recognize that race, class, gender and a whole gambit of effed-up socio-political-cultural forces limit access for many folks to access these very experiences that are so powerful to us. So here’s what’s up: bring extra cash dollars with you to Stoked Spoke to prioritize inclusion at the WTF Bikexplorer’s Summit.

We’re going to raise $3000.00 at Stoked Spoke!


If you bring 1 friend, and each of you has $5 to put in into the fund, we could raise $1500 toward travel to Whitefish, Montana, and registration in the summit! Remember the hidden impacts of participating in a weekend retreat, folks may take time off of work, may need childcare support, could be challenged by limited access to an airport….

$10 could double the scholarship’s power and work double-time to prioritize diversity and access to this amazing event!

Bring 2 friends! Heck, bring all your friends!

This is the power of community.


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